Пачиттия 71. Отказ соблюдать правило

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Пачиттия 54. Неуважение
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71. Should any bhikkhu, admonished by the bhikkhus in accordance with a rule, say, "Friends, I will not train myself under this training rule until I have put questions about it to another bhikkhu, competent and learned in the discipline," it is to be confessed.
Bhikkhus, a bhikkhu in training should understand, should ask, should ponder.
This is the proper course here. ¶
This rule deals with cases where a bhikkhu tries to excuse himself from following any of the training rules without showing out-and-out disrespect for the rule or the person admonishing him.
(If he showed out-and-out disrespect, the case would come under Pc 54.)
The factors for the full offense here are three.
1) Object: One has been admonished by a fellow bhikkhu who cites a rule formulated in the Vinaya. ¶
2) Intention: One does not want to train oneself in line with the rule. ¶
3) Effort: As a ploy to excuse oneself, one says something to the effect that one will not train in line with the rule. ¶
Only two of these factors — object and effort — require explanation. ¶
The explanation for this factor is exactly the same as under Pc 54. Perception as to whether the person giving the admonishment is ordained is irrelevant to the offense (see Pc 42). ¶
Looking at the Vibhaṅga's discussion of this factor, it would appear to cover only cases where one used the precise words mentioned in the training rule, but the K/Commentary — drawing probably on the Great Standards — expands it to cover any case where one says something as a ploy to excuse oneself from following the rule without showing disrespect.
Examples might include: "I'll worry about that rule when I come to it."
"I don't have time for that right now."
"I've been wondering: Do you really think that that rule applies in this day and age?
It gets in the way of our spreading the Dhamma."
In other words, this factor closes any loopholes left by Pc 54. ¶
According to the Vibhaṅga, the only way to avoid an offense in situations like this is to say that one will learn about the rule and train in line with it.
As the non-offense clauses to Pc 54 make clear, though, if one has been admonished with any interpretation of a rule that differs from one's teachers', one may avoid an offense simply by stating that one's teachers taught differently. ¶
Summary: When being admonished by another bhikkhu with regard to a training rule formulated in the Vinaya, saying something as a ploy to excuse oneself from training under the rule is a pācittiya offense. ¶
Пачиттия 54. Неуважение
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