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Пали - CST 73. Itaraṃ pana sukhanaṃ sukhaṃ, suṭṭhu vā khādati, khanati ca kāyacittābādhanti sukhaṃ, taṃ sātalakkhaṇaṃ, sampayuttānaṃ upabrūhanarasaṃ, anuggahapaccupaṭṭhānaṃ.
Английский - Nyanamoli thera 100. But as to the other word: pleasing (sukhana) is bliss (sukha). Or alternatively: it thoroughly (SUṭṭhu) devours (KHĀdati), consumes (KHAṇati),30 bodily and mental affliction, thus it is bliss (sukha). It has gratifying as its characteristic. Its function is to intensify associated states. It is manifested as aid.
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Comm. NT: 30. For this word play see also XVII.48. Khaṇati is only given in normal meaning of “to dig” in PED. There seems to be some confusion of meaning with khayati (to destroy) here, perhaps suggested by khādati (to eat). This suggests a rendering here and in Ch. XVII of “to consume” which makes sense. Glossed by avadāriyati, to break or dig: not in PED. See CPD “avadārana.”