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Пали - CST Vibhaṅge pana "iminā ca vitakkena iminā ca vicārena upeto hoti samupeto"tiādinā (vibha. 565) nayena puggalādhiṭṭhānā desanā katā.
Английский - Nyanamoli thera But in the Vibhaṅga the teaching is given in terms of a person28 in the way beginning, “He is possessed, fully possessed, of this applied thought and this sustained thought” (Vibh 257).
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Comm. NT: 28. Puggalādhiṭṭhāna—“in terms of a person”; a technical commentarial term for one of the ways of presenting a subject. They are dhammā-desanā (discourse about principles), and puggala-desanā (discourse about persons), both of which may be treated either as dhammādhiṭṭhāna (in terms of principles) or puggalādhiṭṭhāna (in terms of persons). See M-a I 24.